Webinar 5 December: Khan Academy in the Biology Classroom

Webinar 5 December: Khan Academy in the Biology Classroom

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The Amgen Foundation and Khan Academy are excited to host a special webinar for biology teachers on December 5, 2018. Join us to learn about Khan Academy’s new content and teacher tools, and learn how you can incorporate Khan Academy into your Biology classroom.

Khan Academy is a leading, innovative, and effective educational technology platform – currently used by thousands of teachers to support academic learning of their students. By bringing Khan Academy into the classroom, teachers can help each student remediate gaps or move ahead, according to their needs. Khan Academy provides additional practice, instructional support, and personalized data on how each student is doing so teachers can identify gaps and provide tailored instruction, enabling teachers more time to do what they do best – connecting with and inspiring their students.

While best known for its math content, Khan Academy has been expanding its coverage into other core academic subjects, especially in the sciences. The Amgen Foundation is the exclusive sponsor of Khan Academy’s biology content. At this upcoming session, Khan Academy is excited to share this new robust and growing content for high school biology. The goal of this training will be to showcase the upgraded teachers’ tools available on Khan Academy for high school biology teachers. By the end of this webinar, teachers will know how to create classes, assign work, track progress, and incorporate Khan Academy as a personalized practice platform for their classrooms.

When: December 5, 2018 3:30-4:30pm PST/6:30-7:30pm EST (Donderdag 6 december om 00:30 MET)
*If you can’t attend live, be sure to register and receive a recording 24 hours after the live event.